Use the Sydney Care App to assess your Symptoms

If you or a family member are ill, it is understandable that you may be anxious and concerned if it could potentially be the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.  In order to control the spread of COVID-19, providers encourage you to first call or use technology when possible, to check your symptoms prior to seeking medical care in person. 

Anthem’s Sydney Care App now includes a Coronavirus Assessment tool.  This will give you a quick and easy way to assess your symptoms and then, if you choose to, the app can connect you with a doctor through a LiveHealth Online video session or a Virtual Care text session right from your phone.

Through June 14, 2020, Anthem will waive member cost shares for telehealth visits, such as through LiveHealth Online.  Members can also utilize one Virtual Care text session at no cost between now and June 14, 2020. Additional Virtual Care text sessions cost $19 each.

Sydney Care App Information

For learn more about COVID-19 and its potential symptoms, please visit the special section of the MMEHT website, which contains links to sources for support and information. 

MMEHT COVID-19 (coronavirus) Webpage