The Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust has again engaged the services of the Trust’s actuary, Cheiron, to prepare actuarial valuation reports for Trust participating employers who must comply with GASB 75.  The 2022 reports will be distributed the week of August 22. 

If you have questions about receiving your valuation reports, please contact us at

Background – GASB 75 liability

In 2018, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) issued revised regulations which impact all employer groups who are subject to GASB and provide medical coverage through the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust.

Known as GASB 75, this statement requires all local government employers to obtain an actuarial valuation of their liability and disclose the liability in their financial statements.  Groups that pay all or a portion of retiree health premiums require a more complex explicit valuation, which is prepared for a fee.  Those which do not contribute towards retiree health premiums require an implicit valuation, which is provided by MMEHT at no additional cost.

2022 Valuation Reports

The 2022 valuation reports will once again be a full valuation.  The report, and accompanying census data, will be available via a secured portal.  The link to this portal will be sent to the designated contact on file, in an email from  To increase security, you will be required to do an additional verification of your email the first time you click the link to access the portal.  Once you have successfully logged into the portal, you may also send the reports to your auditor in a secure manner.

The Trust’s actuary, Cheiron, has prepared an informative presentation regarding the 2022 reports, and how to access them.  It also includes helpful information about the valuation process for your auditor.

2022 MMEHT GASB 75 Presentation  (PowerPoint)