Our Mission:

Welcome to the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust!  Our mission is to meet the needs of local government employees, retirees, dependents and employer groups by providing cost-effective, quality employee benefit programs and superior services.

The Health Trust is committed to supporting the delivery of appropriate health care services, controlling the cost of care, and improving participants’ health.

The mission of the Health Trust Health Education and Promotion Program (Wellness Works) is to develop, promote, and deliver quality health education and wellness programs to Health Trust participants and their families.


Latest News & Upcoming Events

Changes to Your Prescription Plan

Anthem is the Plan Administrator for the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust medical plans and they currently contract with Express Scripts to manage your prescription benefits. Anthem has been working for the last 15 months to develop IngenioRx, a new pharmacy benefits manager, and will be transitioning the Health Trust prescription coverage from Express...
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2019 Health Trust Administrative Workshops – Register Now!

2019 Health Trust Administrative Workshops – Register Now! In May, the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust will be conducting four Administrative Workshops at locations throughout the state. These workshops are designed to support employees who are responsible for the day-to-day billing and enrollment functions for their participating employer with the M...
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Did you receive your new medical identification card?

All members who have health insurance with the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust should have received a new identification (ID) card early in 2019. It is important that you present the correct ID card when you have medical services or fill a prescription.  You can easily tell if you have the new ID card by checking some information. On the back of your...
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