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  • Future Moms Program
  • The Leapfrog Group
    The Leapfrog Group is an organization that represents more than 33 million health care consumers in all 50 states. It provides important information and solutions regarding health care issues, for both consumers and health care providers. The Leapfrog Group also helps to track patient safety. To learn more about The Leapfrog Group and what they are doing to improve patient safety, please visit their Website, at www.leapfroggroup.org.
  • Life Insurance – Annual Tax Information
  • Get Better Maine
    The Get Better Maine website uses the best national and local criteria to evaluate and measure local physician practices and hospitals. By logging on to www.getbettermaine.org, you can compare your physician’s practice to other local practices, learn more about some of the best primary care doctors in Maine, select a hospital or physician practice, identify which doctors can best treat specific chronic condition and get reliable independent information about local physicians.